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  • [eTCG] show_massmasters : Install + How to use
    Another way to show your mastered decks. Built for mass decks masteries.
  • [eTCG] sortmypile : Install + How to use
    Divide your trade pile into different sections while keeping all your cards in the same category.
  • [eTCG] combinemypile : Install + How to use
    Combine up to 5 categories into one pile.
  • [eTCG] catchmyprefix : Install + How to use
    Get all cards with a matching prefix from a category.
  • [eTCG] mybingo : Install + How to use
    An easy tracker for bingo games.
  • [JS] showmethesheet : Install + How to use
    Popover image alternative for non-bootstrap layouts.
  • [JS] cardsearch (multiple) : Download (Original)
    A modified version of Daggles' cardsearch . You can look for multiple cards at the same time.
  • Member's Favourites : Preview - Download
    Displays Player's name, Image description and a link to the image. No database required.
    And it can be easily edited for other purposes, like donations reservation. If you need help, feel free to contact me.

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