[JS] showmethesheet

I'm always asked how I display my boxset on my Sakura TCG post but sometimes people can't use it because their site don't use the same framework (bootstrap). So I decided to make and alternative option that should work with any site.
Note: Sometimes the popovers stay up but if you go over them again, they disappear.

First step : Download + Install

First download and upload this file to your site.
Now open your site in any editor and look for this tag </body> then copy and paste this code before it. If you can't find it, just paste it anywhere after your badges.
<script src="http://yourul.com/showmethesheet.js"></script>

Second step : Use it

Place this wherever you want to display your badges.
<img src="youfile-master.png" class="boxset" thesheet="youfile.png" />
  • src is url to your master badge.
  • thesheet is url to your box set sheet.
  • class="boxset" MUST ALWAYS be present or it won't work.


<img src="showmethesheet/rizu-starrysky01-master.png" class="boxset" thesheet="showmethesheet/rizu-starrysky01.png" />
<img src="showmethesheet/rizu-utanoprincesama01-master.png" class="boxset" thesheet="showmethesheet/rizu-utanoprincesama01.png" />
<img src="showmethesheet/rizu-starrysky02-master.png" class="boxset" thesheet="showmethesheet/rizu-starrysky02.png" />
<img src="showmethesheet/rizu-utanoprincesama02-master.png" class="boxset" thesheet="showmethesheet/rizu-utanoprincesama02.png" />

That's all. If you need help or find some mistake, please let me know. And please credit me somewhere if you can :D