April 13, 2017

May 09, 2018


Hello guys! I've finally managed to pay for my own hosting \(^o^)/
I'll be moving stuff to the new server so I might not be able to answer to trades very fast.
I'm also going to try EasyTCG. I love Enchanted scripts' card manager because I can edit it easily but ... uploading cards takes me forever and trading is a little hellish lately OTL

That's all :D

24 Jul : Finished moving Rapture!!! Took me sometime to understand what I had to do. But I'm still keeping my logs with cutenews.
24 Jul (again) : Finished Showtime!!! Now I'm fighting the extra 0 in 801 deck names -_-
26 Jul : Finished 801!!! I was destroying my brain trying to figure out the extra 0 and the patchwork thingy and then I checked the forum and found Dite's mods for those. I spent hours in something that it could have be done in seconds OTL

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