April 13, 2017

May 09, 2018

30Sept13 Lazyness is taking over

Lately I don't feel like playing. I'll blame the weather and my stupid boss -_-

I joined Chemistry and Vibra since the last update.
And I've just finished this new layout. It's the tenth version of this site. The character is one of my favourite UTAUloids Matsudappoiyo ♥
I'll upload my old layout to my graphic site later if anyone is interested.

And now something about Chivalry.
It's still not ready OTL. I tried to make the shop and other forms automatic but after 100+ tries I realised that what I wanted to make was insanely hard to code (at least fo me).
Now, I have given up those ideas and went back to a simple forum shop. I only need to fix the games rewards and make more decks and it'll be ready.
I'm not saying that it'll open next month because I'll be lying but surely before the year ends ^^u

Well, that's all :D
I'm going to fight with Photoshop and try to make some decks again ¬¬

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