April 13, 2017

May 09, 2018

20Dec10 Change of plans

Some of you know that I was thinking on starting a Bishounen TCG. Well, I'm dropping that idea. Why? First, the person who was going to host me dissapeared. Second, There are people who are planning to open one and I know mine will be disaster in comparison -.-
I uploaded the decks I made in case I change my mind --> here

That doesn't mean that I won't be making a TCG. I'll be working on a new one while I look for a new host. The only thing that'll change is the subject. It's going to be Manga TCG.
I made two decks so you've an idea what I'm planning. click the master badges to see the cards ^^
<---- I'm a little obssesed with HNKNA ^^;

Next time, I'm going to upload the designs and templates I've been making for you :D

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