Colors TCG

player : Rizu
joined : March 21, 2016
status : Hiatus
level : Blueberry
cards : 2927
last updated : April 13, 2017
logs : Here
Dreamwidth post : Here

Activity Log (April 2017)

Gift from Catie : jiji12

Deck Lover 33 : figments15, neoarcadia18, clergy18, sawashirom07, tsunderes07, brickbreak01
Deck Lover 32 : gakuen18, endings16, labyrinthia19, yuri09, red10, yanderes19
Deck Lover 72 : stage10, aces15, newyears15, winter09, silhouettes05, accessories20

POT OF GOLD 76 : gave shihouka04, hungrywolf01, anatoray16, rusty10, kill20. got eagle14, growth02, commoners09, drumisland15, bluerose09, dwn-03405, gadoria02, androgynous10, indistress09, shadow13, male19, sadhiporoja04, swords07, frontkiller01, greathawk15, kira03, worry11, coquettish09, asphalt11, shinen12, drifter14, sorbonne18, peacekeeper04, rollflash11, tuna07, fang07, chee-su08, shibuya07, presence12, crayon5, crayon2

Trade Log (April 2017)

(487) Traded relicsong11 for Catie's junkshop15
(486) Traded kacchan13, drumisland11, stg04, puppy17 for Netbug's steward07, copying17, stupidcat13, helping17
(482) Traded hosoyan11, honeybuddha14 for Miro's exorcism07, yuujinchou16

Traded 480 cards so far.

Older logs can be found here.